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My All-time favorite Missha Product

Edit: This page was planned to be an introduction of several products from Missha that I love, but they have discontinued every product except this one. This is the downfall of Missha, and one of the reasons I’ve moved on from their brand. They either discontinue or reformulate their products almost every year, making it […]
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Advancement in K-Body Care

  Perhaps this is something that I should write on “Products I’m lusting over”, however I think it deserves its own post. I’ve been watching one of AmorePacific’s new brand “illi” with interest. Although the product that I’ve been wanting to purchase then was their sheet masks (The Korean beauty forums have been buying them […]
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Kosmetics I’m lusting over (Skincare Edition – Sep 2016)

Obviously I’m currently in possession of way too many products for my own good right now. However, that doesn’t stop a girl from dreaming! These are some products that I’m currently keeping an eye on, and looking forward to using (hopefully) in the near future.         THE FACE SHOP’s The Therapy Product Line […]
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