End of July K-beauty haul!

End of July K-beauty haul: What did K-beauty fiend Morrigan buy this month?




Hello everyone!

I just wanted to briefly share my most recent beauty haul with you guys today. I’ve collected so many samples throughout these hauls, I really need to sell them at some point or do giveaways on my blog! Hopefully I’ll receive a lot of participants when I decide to do a giveaway.

Moving on, here are some “hot-off-the-shutter” photos of my haul I’ve just received today.


A picture of all the new Cushion compacts I’ve received today!
I should really take a picture of all of the cases I’ve collected together at some point.


Here’s a picture of Hera’s most recent limited edition cushion compacts. I think the case is one of the loveliest, with different size glitters sparkling inside the clear glaze of the case!


I always love the cityline detailing on Hera’s barcodes.


Here’s the limited Sulwhasoo cushion. The case has a rubbery plastic feel like Nars product cases, which is a texture I don’t particularly appreciate. Especially since it’s prone to get sticky as time goes by. That doesn’t make a very good collectors’ item!


So freaking expensive, these Sulwhasoo products. I’ll finally get to try if their cushions are worth the extra cost. I’d be quite surprised though, if it is.


Here’s an older model of Hera’s limited edition cushion that I’ve tracked down. Not the best limited edition case, but just for novelty & collections sake!


Ahh, finally. My personal favorite! O’HUI cushions. Although the revolutionary cushion foundation is developed by AmorePacific, I strongly prefer the product of its competitor. LG’s cushions are more yellow in hue, and it goes on a lot more naturally. I would even compare their products to Armani’s foundation line.


List of what’s included in O’Hui’s limited edition Teo Yang flower edition bundle. One small primer cushion, one CC cushion with case, one CC cushion refill.


Here’s something I bought for its novelty. It’s a UV sensitive case from Primera that’s released for a limited amount of time. Pretty neat stuff! The white background of the cushion surface turns purple.


This is a sunblock cushion designed for kids, and I won’t deny that the kid in me wanted it! UV sensitive case? This is too much, even for an adult beauty fanatic to resist.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed my haul post, I’ll try to keep things updated!

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