July 2017 Newest Empties and Replacements

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Hello fellow K-beauty fanatics! Happy Fourth of July!


I’ve been keeping a small tub of hand cream (pictured center) for a while. I used to be the type of person that didn’t really understand hand cream, but I can’t live without them anymore! After my “hand cream addiction” started, the dryness of my hands after washing them felt so much more noticeable. Now, it’s a must do ritual after every wash session. Although sometimes my purses are too small to carry one around. I’m sure there are a few that can empathize!

Moving on, my newest empties as of July is my hand cream seen inside the green honey bee pictured center. It’s Etude House’s Missing You hand cream (에뛰드 하우스 미싱유 핸드크림). I’ve checked the Etude website before posting, and it looks like they still sell this product! Although it comes in a different container as the container seems to change from season to season — the product remains the same. I’m so relieved to find out! Not only is it a great product, it always comes in a cute container. It has been a favorite of mine to gift to friends outside of Korea.

I usually end up pushing aside many hand creams, but this one I stuck out till the end. Rare indeed! The hand cream has a thicker buttery texture, minus the greasy feel. A slippery greasy feel is something I strongly dislike in hand creams, and it’s worse if I have to wait around for it to soak in.

Now that I’ve emptied this one, I’ve dug through my collection of stuff (AKA “box of shame” by hubby’s words) and found two more that will hopefully replace it. These products are Missha’s Moist 24 Hand Cream (미샤 모이스트 24 핸드크림) in Manuka Honey, and A’PIEU’s Shea Butter Hand Cream (어퓨 쉐어버터 핸드크림) in Clover Scent. Both of these products are still in production as well, again, in new containers.

So far, Missha’s Moist 24 hand cream is a runnier gel-like hand cream which I’m usually not particularly a fan of. It absorbs fast, and it isn’t slippery, which is a plus. The Manuka honey fragrance  is a flowery honey scent that some people might dislike. It seems to contain a lot of silicone. When I tried to wash my hands after, they felt waterproof!

A’PIEU’s Shea Butter hand cream might be a throwaway by my standards. The name is a bit misleading by putting “butter” and “cream” in it, because the texture is closer to a thick lotion. A watery-cream at best. It’s slippery too! Which is a big deal-breaker in my books, but we’ll have to see. Since I don’t want to waste anything, I’ll put it to use when I’m less active… Maybe put on a thick layer while watching Netflix or something.

TL;DR I love Etude’s Missing You hand cream, but I’ll have to wait and see if I’ll enjoy Missha and A’PIEU’s as much as I liked the Etude one.


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