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I was on a vacation to Walt Disney World & Universal Studios recently, as some of you might know from my twitter!

To my surprise, I ended up with a Disney craze, so the hubby and I have been visiting Disney a lot recently. Our annual pass is on blackout dates currently, and I’m having Disney withdrawals! It’s always nice traveling with miniatures, and I’ve been saving up a few Disney themed products to use while I’m there.

Here are a couple photos of products the hubby and I were using while in Orlando!



Isa Knox Bambi Cushion Blusher & The Face Shop’s Pooh Cushion Foundation

The Bambi Cushion Blusher was very light in terms of pigment, and it had nearly no staying power due to its liquid formula. It’s cute to carry around and nice to use for touch-up every now and then, but don’t expect it to last all day when you apply it in the morning.

LG’s cushion product line never seems to disappoint — at least me! Compared to Amorepacific or other Korean cushion foundation products, it’s on the yellower side. Applies thin, giving your skin a dewy finish. This product is supposed to provide “cooling” effects, however I didn’t find it particularly more cooling or less cooling compared to other cushion products. Or even compared to regular-ol’ foundation, for that matter. It is a bit cooling when you apply it with the puff sponge, but it does not last. It won’t really be cooling applying it in scorching heat, either.




A few items here:

Happy Bath’s Perfect Multi Sun SPF 50+: It’s a creamy multi-functioning sunscreen that has anti-aging and skin-brightening ingredients. It runs on the oilier side despite its claims of containing face powder to keep your skin matte. This is coming from someone with dry skin, so those with oily skin should stay away from this product!

Illi’s Total Aging Care Body Cream: I’ve been loving all the Illi’s products I’ve tried so far, including this one. This particular body cream is packed with anti-aging and skin brightening ingredients. It’s been helping with some discoloration on my legs from scratching mosquito bites too fiercely! Usually they take months — closer to half a year to heal, the summer goes by with me never wearing shorts or skirts because of them. This year, thanks to Illi’s multi-functioning body cream, the discoloration from bug bites are fading fast, and hopefully I’ll be able to show my legs some!

A’PIEU’s Rilakkuma Honey Lip Oil: LOVE THIS ITEM! This is the single greatest thing I’ve found for my perma-chapped lips. Never have my lips ever, felt like normal peoples’ lips. Even in the most humid places, my lips are always flaky and no amount of chapstick fixed this issue. I try to keep them hydrated any way I can, often covering my lips with a facial mask, applying eye creams on my lips, doing the “multi-step Korean skincare routine” on my lips as well. None of it solved the issue. Although this product won’t change my genetic makeup to have moist lips, it allowed me to have close to zero lip flakes for at least half a day to almost the whole day with one application. My light coloured lipsticks weren’t showing a ton of dry lip creases. This product is magic.

Please keep in mind, although this product is advertised as a “lip oil” its consistency is closer to a very thick lip gloss. It doesn’t attract your hair from sticking however, which is great!

Unfortunately, I won’t be doing a separate review on this product because I gave it to my mom who has it even worse! This product is apparently a mock product of Clarins’ lip oil, but I have not tried that particular product, so I cannot compare the two. I can say the A’PIEU version is great, so if it’s anything like it, it must be a solid product.

Scratch everything on A’PIEU’s Lip Oil. They no longer carry the product. I hate that they do this to me! They didn’t even let the product run on shelves for a full year. I’ve purchased the product on November 2016 when it first came out, and now it’s gone. However, a similar item can be purchased via Able C&C (the company that owns Missha and A’PIEU)’s SWISS PURE. I have not tried SWISS PURE’s lip oil, so I cannot vouch on its effectiveness!

Verite’s Deep Cleansing Water: An herb-y scented cleansing water. Pretty standard stuff, felt gentle with a pleasant natural scent.

Crystal rock deodorant: My favorite! Doesn’t get on your clothes, doesn’t mix fragrances with your perfumes since it’s non-scented. I’ll use this till I die.

The Face Shop’s Rice Water Bright Foaming Cleanser: Despite the hype over this product, I found it to be pretty average.

Primera’s Super Sprout Serum & Cream: Like many other Amorepacific creams, it is on the oilier side. Not terribly hydrating, the serum was plain Jane as well. I’ll probably have to try using it for an extended period of time to really experience its effects.

Lirikos Marine Energy Mineral Essence: This is a water type hydrating serum, however it doesn’t moisturize effectively. Not exactly a product I’d want to be stuck using for an extended period of time. It’s very light, a teenager might get away with using this product.



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