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The hubby bought me this lovely scent on my birthday last year. We were browsing through the mall, drifting from department store to department store. Describing myself as a thorough shopper would be putting it lightly. I’ve probably sniffed all the wonderful smells offered in Nordstrom. Then some more at Sephora. Then even more at Neiman Marcus. It was a wonderful outing, at least by my standards. The poor hubby was such a trooper humoring all my shopping whimsies. Out of all the fragrances that we’ve smelled that day, in what felt like a zillion, this particular scent really struck me as special.

The displays they provided with what seemed to be cabochons of cloth, were dry with the little fragrance that remain. Subtle, but Green Tea Escape on the display figments reminded me of the floral notes that I often experience from high-grade Tieguanyins. As an afficionado of teas, I had to have this in my collection of fragrances.

I’ve been enjoying this fragrance ever since. I must admit that it smells a bit different from when I’ve sprayed it on in the store. It doesn’t seem to match the first impression I’ve got from there. However, it might be the temperature difference since the store is colder than room temperature Florida, or perhaps it’s because testers are kept under bright lights.

When sprayed on, there’s definitely a potent powdery matcha scent that rings true to the product design. It’s supposed to represent a reflection of a tea ceremony in Tokyo, and matcha is a pretty common in these rituals. Throughout the day I smell hints of licorice. It isn’t terribly long lasting — an EDT, after all. The perfume liquid is a gentle green, resembling brewed tea.

I’ve also enjoyed Replica’s Jazz Club that day as well. Although I believe it’s designed for men, the scent is sweet and warm enough for female use, in my opinion! Love this product line, I just hope they’ll produce EDPs for longer staying power!




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