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Today I wanted to share some recommendations on toners to use for Korea’s hottest beauty trend — the “7-Skin Method”.

As previously mentioned, the 7 Skin Bup (7 Toner Method in Korean) comprises of patting on layers and layers of toner onto your skin in a single sitting. Although the number of toner application is set to 7, please bear in mind that it’s not obligatory to absorb toner exactly seven times in order for you to benefit from this beauty ritual. In fact, some days you might want to stop at three applications, I find myself applying toner around 5 times personally.

So try the 7-Skin method applying toner on seven times the first few times. Then you can later choose to decrease the number of applications to the amount that you see fit!


Korean skincare rituals revolve around the two type of hydration.

수분 — Water Type Hydration & 유분 — Oil Type Hydration.


The 7 Skin method focuses on the “water type hydration” for your skin, which is difficult to formulate products around. Most products add binding agents oils and various additives to try to maintain and lock in moisture, but these products can only go so far to retain your moisture levels. Not everyone needs all the extra oils, either!

I’m making good use of this method, especially now, during the dry times of winter. Although the 7 skin method has many benefits, it’s primary purpose is oil-free hydration. The oil-free aspect is good news for people that have oily type skin, since most moisturizers are formulated with oils to lock moisture in. Oily skin types need moisturizing too! Although we need to realize that oily skin type needs are different from dry skin type needs.

Dry skins generally have a difficult time retaining water type moisture since they lack the oils, so the seven skin method can provide a good boost and recharge your moisture levels. Make sure to seal in the moisture with lotions or creams!


You can also mix and match toners — I use 2 to 3 different type toners depending on my skin condition. Often times it’s 2 applications of witch hazel, 2 applications of booster toners, 3 applications of my toner of choice. If my skin is feeling a bit dry, I might substitute the witch hazel toner for more applications of booster toners. It’s upto you, you know your skin best!


Please please please!! Keep in mind, it is essential that you use toners that are extremely gentle with very little to no irritants. Most toners on the market aren’t designed to be applied several times. The amount of irritants contained in most toners which normally would be negligible on single application can cause irritation or cause dryness (if your toner has alcohol) when you choose to use the product for 7 skin bup.

7-Skin Responsibly!

Below are lists of what I’m currently using for 7 skin, what I plan to use, and some other recommendations!



Toners that I’m currently using for the 7-skin method.



Scinic’s First Treatment Essence

You know it!

Scinic’s First Treatment Essence. One of the best booster essences in the market would be my humble opinion of the product. Plus, is so reasonably priced, I’ve been using this product for years and will continue to do so. I’ve converted and made many people a believer of this awesome product, and you should try it too!

It has a simple ingredient list, helps with both brightening and anti-aging. Love it!



Primera’s Organience Water

With its brown herbal scented liquid, Primera’s Organience Water feels like it’s from a modern Asian apothecary. It was one of the products that was recommended by Dwenda’s beauty webcomic (it’s in Korean, but you can check it out here!). I luckily had this product readily available in my cosmetics stockpile. It’s designed with organic ingredients with minimum irritants, alcohol-free. The product has a mild herb-y scent, which I find quite pleasant. I think it’s a great product to use for 7 skin method, and the lotion is nice and light addition to your skincare routine.


Innisfree’s The Minimum Toner

“The Minimum” is Innisfree’s extremely gentle product line which focuses on weaning your skin back to health. With only five ingredients that make up this product, where it may lack in functionality, it makes up for its gentleness. I use The Minimum line when I’m trying new skincare products, to catch culprits when I break out! It’s also great when I feel that my skin’s been overloaded with various cosmetics and nutrients. The Minimum line products are the bare essentials products that hydrates and moisturizes your skin without over nourishing it. The skin needs a “skincare diet” sometimes, and this is the product to use if that’s the case!

I love that this toner comes in a spray bottle, I use it as a face mist as well from time to time.




Thayer’s Witch Hazel

Although it’s not #AsianBeauty or #KBeauty, it’s a great product. It serves as an alcohol-free astringent, so it helps out with your pores and excess oil production issues you might be having. Extremely simple ingredients, straightforward product. However, I only use around 1-2 applications of this product since my skin is on the dry side. During summers and days where I’m exploding in grease, I increase the applications!




Here’s a list of toners that I plan to use next.


2Sol Toners

I’ve been wanting to try 2Sol products for some time now, since their value is so widely known! A cosmetics brand that exists only on the internet, they provide quality products at affordable prices. Their products don’t have the most flattering exterior, so this might be a product for you as well if you’re going for pure value.

Their most popular toner is the one pictured above — Sunhan Salgyeolsu. Mixed in with witch hazel, it’s a toner that’s better suited for oily type skin. Personally, I’ve been wanting to try their Ongoing Toner which is the dry skin version of Salgyeolsu, as well as their Hyaluronic Acid Skin, and their Deep Hydrating Booster Toner.


The Face Shop’s Arsainte Eco Therapy

One of the mildest toners available at The Face Shop and also one of their best selling toners as well. This product has a layer of face oil, which might be a dealbreaker for some. Personally, one of the toners I’ve been using was homemade toner made by my aunt which had a layer of face oil as well. I’ve used my aunt’s toner for 7 skin method previously (I’ve emptied out the bottle) and it worked well for me. So I’m looking forward to trying out this toner au oil from The Face Shop in the future.


IsNTree’s Hyaluronic Acid Toner

IsNTree is a relatively new online cosmetics brand, a bit unfamiliar to me as well. However, the ingredients speak for themselves. Every ingredient is deemed safe (within rank 1-2) in EWG’s Skin Deep database, making this toner safe to use for 7 skin method.


Innisfree’s Soybean Energy Essence

Innisfree’s soy based booster essence is packed full of ingredients that hydrate and help in the anti-aging department. It’s also alcohol free, made with a gentle formula making it safe to use for our 7 skin purposes. Beware however, it’s a ferment based product and ferment extracts don’t agree with everyone’s skin unfortunately. This product being one of Korea’s most popular booster essences, I definitely need to try it sometime!

In homage to the Dwenda’s (된다) Beauty Webtoons, here’s another toner she recommends in her comics.



Kiehl’s Calendula Herbal Extract Toner

Kiehl’s herbal toner where you can see calendula petals floating within the bottle. Extremely simple ingredient list, alcohol free and gentle. However it does contain parabens for those who have concerns with parabens! I do want to try this toner at some point, especially considering it’s one of Kiehl’s best selling product in Korea. I’ll make sure to write a review on it when I do!


Thanks for reading the post, hopefully my recommendations help those looking for new toners for 7 skin method!

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10 thoughts on “Best Toners for 7 Skin Method

  1. Can I use Missha First Treatment Essence for this method?

    1. Hey there Helen! You can use Missha’s FTE for this indeed. I use my Scinic FTE for this method, sometimes I mix it up by applying FTE 3 times, then a different toner such as a rose water toner 4 times.


  2. hi. what about secret key aloe toner?

    1. Hey there Chris,
      Sorry about the late reply!
      Good news, Secret Key’s aloe toner seems safe to use for this method. No alcohols, and almost no chemicals or particularly alarming ingredients overall. 7-Skin away!

  3. Hi, how about Toner from Simple?

    1. Hey there Hazj!

      I’m not too familiar with the Simple brand, but the toner seems safe enough to use for this method through a quick Google search of their ingredient list. Although the product contains some chemical preservatives such as Methylparaben which you should be aware of, I’m assuming the containing amount is minimal — less than 1%.

      Let me know how it goes!

  4. Hey! will a toner with natural grain alcohol such as the Dickinon’s Witch Hazel toner work for this method?

    1. Hey Ara!
      I’d honestly stay away from all products with alcohol, you can really feel its drying effects when you apply it so many times.

      Given that, I haven’t tried grain alcohol toners, so above is mostly speculation based on traditional alcohol. If it’s something you already have at home, doesn’t hurt (much) to try once!

  5. I have combination skin, but it’s usually dehydrated. Should I ditch Thayers Rose Petal toner? (Already ordered another kind after reading this) confused

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