K-Beauty Skincare Trend 2016: “7-Toner Method”


Hey there, beauty fiends!

I’ve brought some Korean Skincare Routine news for you! It’s a cult hit among the beauty fanatics in Korea right now, and it’s perfect for those who are suffering from winter dryness. Dermatologist recommended (at least in Korea), this is a surefire way to beat dry skin out the window.

What is this new Korean Skincare method, you say?

The Koreans call it “The 7 Skin Method”, since “skin” means toner in Korean. So we can translate this as the “7 Toner Method”.

You can still impress your Korean friends (only the ones that keep up with beauty trends will know this method though) by telling them that you’ve been practicing the Chil (Seven in Korean) Skin Bup (Method). Chil-Skin-Bup. 7스킨법. They will be thoroughly impressed, I promise.


Moving on to the actual method of this 7 Skinbup.

This method originates from the idea that the skin needs a good balance of (water) hydration as well as oils. However, most moisturizers are formulated around oils, and we do not apply nearly enough water based products on our skin than we need to. Oily products are made to keep moisture from escaping from our skin, but it’s useless if there aren’t any moisture within the skin to protect. There are a few different ways you can increase your water moisture, and this is one extremely effective way to do so.




Dwenda’s Popular Korean Cosmetics web comic explaining the 7 skinbup


In a nutshell, you apply your toner seven individual times, during one skincare routine. Seven might be an arbitrary number to be honest, many beauty gurus in Korea confess that they find it difficult to apply their toners seven times, twice a day, everyday — especially during busy mornings. You still might want to apply your toner seven times, at least every so often. You’ll definitely notice the dramatic hydration effects it has on your skin. Another method is to start off with applying 7 times daily, then applying less applications of toner when you feel that your skin is sufficiently hydrated.

The IMPORTANT key to this 7 skinbup is that you use a mild toner. No alcohols, no texture boosting ingredients like dimethicone (may clog pores), no oils or emulsions (you can add this later to your regimen to seal the moisture in) and absolutely no irritating ingredients.


I’ve tried this method for about a week, and I’ve been waking up with moist skin that is not oily every morning. It’s great. I’m currently using Scinic’s First Treatment Essence. An expensive alternative would be Sum 37’s Secret Essence or SK2’s Pitera Essence. You don’t have to 7 skinbup with the same toner from start to finish — I start with 2-3 applications of Scinic’s First Treatment Essence, then I layer it with some homemade aloe toner, then I finish it off with 2-3 applications of Sulwhasoo’s Yoonjo Essence. I’ll continue on with my regular Korean skincare routine, following up with some additional serums if I feel the need, ending it with a cream or a cream mixed with some facial oil if I need the extra oil boost.

Many of the Korean beauty gurus swear by the 7 skinbup method now, so try it out! Please let me know how it goes!




PS: You can check out Dwenda’s Korean Cosmetics webcomic blog by clicking this sentence!

(She’s quite funny, I wish I could transfer her humour and wit over to this blog. All her posts are in Korean.)


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