Black Friday Haul #1 — Coastal Scents!



Hey everyone, Morrigan here!

I wanted to share with you my first Black Friday haul that arrived yesterday. I’ve ordered from Coastal Scents during Black Friday a second year in a row now, and I highly recommend their sales. Everything on their website is 50% off! This makes their already affordable products a total steal. This is going to be a long post with a lot of pictures and my reviews on some products. Please note that I’ve purchased all the products with my own money, and I am not writing a review in exchange for anything.

However, I love the affordability of Coastal Scents products, and I wholeheartedly believe that their products are of good quality — especially for their price point. Every girl should be able to feel beautiful through makeup and style change, no matter what their budget! Due to my excitement for Coastal Scents (I’ve already got a few of my friends buy during their Black Friday haul. I often gift their products as well!), I┬ádecided to join their affiliate program. The links to Coastal Scents on this site are affiliate links, so please consider supporting me by visiting their website via clicking on the links on this post! Psst, I’ve made all the words “Coastal Scents” links to the website!

Thanks for your consideration in advance!



Tl;dr for this post: My most recommended item from their website would be their brush line. Start with their 22 set brushes, they’re absolutely fabulous. Don’t ever buy their gel eyeliners.



Not all of the brushes get used often to be fair, but for the price, the set is a steal. You’ll get good use out of most of the brushes anyways — there are just a few that I don’t like the shape or density of. I can honestly say I love them more than the odd Bobby Brown and Mac brushes I have had.

Here we start!



My total Black Friday haul from Coastal Scents: three brush sets, two 120 palettes, one destination palette, two blush palettes, one 66 lip palette, two black soap bars, and one gel liner. I’ve received a free “Revealed” eyeshadow sample too.




First, the orchid coloured brush set! I was a bit weary buying this because the reviews weren’t as good as the elite set. Initially I was going to put it off until next year (let’s face it, I don’t really┬áneed three+ brush sets), but I caved in and bought this one as well.

Now that I’ve received it, I can honestly say that I love it! The colour is absolutely lovely, and the bristles are as soft as the elite version. I’m pretty sure they’re made with the same materials, so no surprise there.

However, as far as the content goes, it doesn’t come with a fan brush, which is rather unconventional. I rarely use them so it wasn’t much of a deal breaker for me, but I’m sure it might upset some that were looking for one in their new set! The shapes of the brushes are pretty traditional too. The elite set has a much more modern shape to them with slightly tapered ends, while the orchid brushes tend to have stumpier round ends. Reminds me more of my Bobbi Brown brushes that I have. I will elaborate more on this later in the post.

I like this brush set overall so far, and I have a fair assumption on how these brushes will perform. However, please bear in mind I have not used them yet at the time of this post. I will revise this review if my opinion changes about them drastically.


Coastal Scents’ orchid brushes with “traditional” brush heads.




Moving on, the Elite Set. At first glance, I didn’t think I would like this brush set. It has several flat-headed brushes that remind me of brushes for acrylic painting. I haven’t used flat headed brushes on my face ever, except for the occasional Wayne Goss 08 (his “push liner” brush).

I’ve experimented with the brushes a bit when I got them yesterday — I call it playing Youtuber. More again today, when I got ready for a date with the hubby. I have to say, I’m pretty pleased with this set as well.

The bristles on the Elite Set are overall much more tapered, reminding me of my Wayne Goss set. It gives a lot more control and precision applying product on. I’m pleasantly surprised with its design on such a low budget product. I won’t go out of my way and say that this is a Wayne Goss dupe, but I’m happy with Coastal’s ambitious bristle design choice for this set. Even if you have the orchid or the original 22 set, this would still be a great addition, because most of the brushes on the Elite Set have different bristle designs.


Coastal Scents’ Elite Brush Set with more modern tapered brush heads



Coastal Scents’ Original 22 Piece Brush Set


Numbered picture above is from the official Coastal Scents site.

Ahhh, the 22 Set. I’ve taken this one out of the box to photograph (it was bought as a gift!), but I’ve owned the 22 set for a full year now. I absolutely recommend this brush set. Even at the regular price of $34.95, it’s a steal. Unlike the orchid and Elite set, the 22 set is made with natural and synthetic bristles (the other two are fully synthetic). It’s a great set to get if you don’t already have a brush set, if you have one but want to expand your collection, or if you just want spares so you don’t have to wash them as frequently! The latter is totally me, by the way.

It comes with everything you need, from face to eyes. Again, like the others, you won’t make the most use out of all the brushes. I probably use 8-10 out of the 22 the most. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that the other brushes are bad. I just don’t use them as frequently during my daily routine. I can think of one brush that I don’t really like out of the 22, but please don’t let this dissuade you from it! It’s truly a great set.

A must get, if it’s on sale! I promise you, the ROI on this will be better than any other beauty product you own. Great as gifts too. So far, my friends love it!


Moving on to eyeshadows…


Coastal Scents’ My “Passport to Paris” palette. Haven’t used it yet, not much to say about this one!



Coastal Scents’ All-Famous 120 Eyeshadow Palettes



Although I have not used the 120 palette sets yet, I own several of Coastal Scents’ 88 sets that I have had for a year now.

If I they’re produced by the same company (no, Coastal Scents isn’t the manufacturer!) as the 88 palettes, and the product quality is similar, my review would be this in a nutshell:

Great selection, fair quality. Pigmentation varies between the colours. The colours at the end of the spectrum are not pigmented at all in particular. Don’t bother expecting a vivid black or white. It won’t pop, even with a good quality eye shadow primer.

The 120 palette is smaller in surface area compared to the 88 palette, but thicker. The 120 palette does not have a mirror or applicators while the 88 has both. The inner trays in the 120 palettes are interchangeable between 120 palettes.



Coastal Scents’ The Blush Palette and The Blush Too Palette

I slightly dipped my brush into one of the blushes here, and applied. It was extremely pigmented. I’m not sure if all the blushes are this pigmented, but use with caution. One tap was enough to make me look like I was about to star in a Sound of Music musical. At least that’s where I think I’ll find rosey cheeks. Over the top stage makeup at a classic musical. I used the leftover on my brush this morning, and it was enough for both my cheeks.



Coastal Scents’ 66 Lip Palette

This palette has really tiny amounts of lip product for each colour. They’re not very pigmented either. It’s fine if you want a natural look, but don’t expect to pull off a gothic or vampire look with this palette. If you do… Well I’ll be damned, I didn’t think it would be possible at all!

Fun to buy when it’s on sale, but I’m not sure if I’d recommend it on retail.
Otherwise, I’ve bought some blacks soaps that I’ve yet tried. There are some great reviews on their black soaps, and they’re fair trade too. I’m looking forward to them!

I’ve also bought a tub of gel eyeliner, which was a complete waste of money. It was dried up, I had to put a lot of elbow grease trying to retrieve any product on my brush. It did not apply smoothly, pulling on my eyelids as the product passed. I love Coastal Scents, but please, do not buy Coastal Scents gel eyeliners.
Thanks for reading my long post, hope you have a wonderful day!




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