2016 Korean Cosmetics Holiday Editions!


Hey there, K-Beauty fans!

Morrigan here with some K-Cosmetics (Kosmetics, as I like to call it!) holiday edition news. This year the list doesn’t seem as extensive as some years in the past, but that doesn’t stop us from shopping limited holiday edition products!

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Photodump, here we go!




Etude House’s 2016 Holiday Collection “My Little Nut”

Although the theme name “My Little Nut” sounds a bit off to me, I think it would have been hilarious if it was called “My Little Nutcracker” instead. You know, like a tease? Ha-ha. Oh well spare me the insults, I was never great with jokes!

Anyhoo, just like the very toy-ish design of most of their products, they’ve delivered a holiday edition that reflects their motif well. Always bright and colourful, I’m happy to see that they’ve added limited edition perfumes as well as perfume rollerballs (how convenient!) with an additional holiday flair.

I personally love buying perfumes from Korean cosmetics road shops — they pack quite the quality on a budget! Often times you’ll be able to spot pleasant scenting EDP grade perfumes here. Plus, it’s extremely rare to find another person wearing these fragrances. Especially outside of Korea! Even within Korea, because most of the fragrance blends in Korea are short lived.

Etude House — owned by Amorepacific, also owns several famous high end perfumeries such as Annick Goutal and Lolita Lempicka. So you can often expect some quality scented products even in their roadshop levels!


Speaking of Annick Goutal…




Annick Goutal’s Holiday Candle, “Noel”


Due to Annick Goutal’s French origin, it’s rather odd placing this on this board. However, from Amorepacific’s recent purchase of the company it makes it… Kind of Korean.

Moving on, Annick Goutal is launching a Christmas candle called Noel!

This can be purchased in the international website as well.





Innisfree’s Christmas offerings are unique, they’re selling DIY music boxes this year! This was a great idea. Honestly, no one likes craft and arts like the Koreans. Girls in Korea love craft projects, whether it be scrapbooking, knitting or quilting. There’s so much to write on this subject, I should write more on this later.

Staying on point, although in Korean, below is an explanation on how they came about making this product for the holidays. If you want to see more on Innisfree’s holiday products, you can watch a video on the products or flip through an e-magazine for more!



Production of Innisfree’s DIY Christmas Music Box


Below are more holiday products from Innisfree, ranging from Cushions to Candles. Another thing I find unique is their “Wax Tablets”. Functionally, it seems like they’re made to be Christmas ornaments. However, these wax ornaments are made with scented wax like candles are! So we’ll be able to enjoy its scent throughout the holiday season.



Innisfree Holiday Cushions and Music Boxes


Innisfree Christmas Edition Seed Cream and Wax Tablets


Innisfree Holiday Candles and Face Masks


Innisfree Christmas Polishes, Hand Creams, Candles and more!




Laneige’s Holiday collection “Milkyway Fantasy”



Personally, Laneige’s Milkyway Fantasy isn’t my style but to each her own! I know a few friends that were waiting for the release of the Milkyway collection. Perhaps they look better in real life? The allure of sparkles and glitters aren’t exactly captured well in photographs!

I’ll say this though: Their two tone lipsticks and eyeshadow sticks seem extremely convenient. The two tone lipstick captures the K-Cosmetic’s trend for gradient lips well. An easy smudge and go creamy two tone eyeshadow stick that you can carry in your purse is a nice idea as well!


Primera releases their Mango Butter line every holiday, and I’ve today learned that a portion of their revenue from their Mango Butter products support underprivilaged girls in Jamui, India. Primera (Amorepacific) has gifted the girls in Jamui mango tree saplings every holiday to help them achieve financial independence. So far in 3 years, they have donated 3,200 trees to the girls of Jamui.

Below are some products from Primera’s limited time holiday collection that we can buy to help support the girls of Jamui — while staying hydrated during the wintertime!




Primera’s Holiday Handcream Set


Primera’s Holiday Scented Diffuser



Primera’s Mango Butter Lotion & Body Wash



As always, Missha has a holiday collection this year as well. Although I’m disappointed to find that A’PIEU (a sister brand of Missha) didn’t release a holiday collection this year! I wonder if they’ll launch their holiday collection later in the month, closer to Christmas.



Missha’s Holiday Collection — Glittery mascara, Glitter pigments, Nail Polish, and Lip Crayons!

My favorite item so far (by observation, not a review!) in Missha’s holiday collection is the glittery mascara. It’s always flattering to dust on some diamond powder on the tips of your eyelashes after you apply black mascara normally. With this product, you can brush the tips of your eyelashes with this glittery mascara!

They seemed to have focused on the glitz and glam of the holidays into their holiday collection. Reminds me of shiny tinsels, lights and ornaments that decorate this jolly holiday!

They’ve categorized their holiday colour palette in gold and silver, but below are all the products and colours found in Missha’s holiday edition 2016.


Missha’s Holiday Edition Products 2016




Peripera’s Holiday Lip Ink

I thought these were just gorgeous! They’re so adorable. Peripera is a sister company of Clio, which is a great cosmetics company known for their coloured makeup products.




BanilaCo’s Holiday Edition with Pink Panther

Although somewaht out of the holiday feel, BanilaCo has collaborated with Pink Panther to produce a limited time Pink Panther cosmetics design! The Panther is in holiday spirit wearing antlers and Santa hats!




The Two Versions of Verite Holiday Aurora Cushion


Last but not least, my personal favorite among 2016 K-Cosmetics holiday editions, Verite’s limited edition holiday cushion. I love every limited cushion edition that Verite has done so far, and this years holiday edition doesn’t disappoint!

Even the advertisement from the Amorepacific site is so darn pretty, I’ll have to share it here — even if it’s just for myself!



Verite Limited Edition Aurora Cushion Ad — The Limited Edition Cushions are always Oz themed



2016 Verite Holiday Edition Aurora Cushion


That’s all folks!

Thanks for reading through everything!


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