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Edit: This page was planned to be an introduction of several products from Missha that I love, but they have discontinued every product except this one. This is the downfall of Missha, and one of the reasons I’ve moved on from their brand. They either discontinue or reformulate their products almost every year, making it impossible to become a steady consumer of a certain product — or even recommend to friends, since the product that you’ve loved no longer exists by the time you’re done with the bottle.



Here’s the insider scoop on Missha’s best products. An avid Missha fan for years (I’ve even invested buying their stocks at one point), I’ve maintained Missha’s VVIP program for about 3 years until I left Korea to marry the hubby! I still keep regular contact with other Missha VVIP members that I’ve met through the organization’s gatherings, and keep up to date with their newest products. However, there are a few product of Missha’s that I feel are under-represented, and deserve a lot more attention in the spotlight.




Missha’s Time Revolution Science Blanc Serum 50ml


This is probably my absolute number one, all-time favorite product of Missha’s — it’s truly one of a kind. If you were to try one product on this list, it should be this one.

My only complaint would be that I liked the previous versions better than this “renewed” product they’ve released. The changes are for the better however, they’ve exchanged the use of artificial scents to natural herb based scents making it a better choice for those with sensitive skin. It now has a lavender-like smell.

This revolutionary product contains fullerenes — which was an agent that allowed a group of chemist win the Nobel Price in Chemistry in 1996 for its discovery. Fullerenes in cosmetics are used as an extreme anti-oxidant, which helps with skin whitening. Other ingredients in this product worth noting is glutathione — another strong antioxidant that is popular in the K-beauty community to take as  supplements for its skin whitening effects, butyl-resorcinol which is a Korea locally-patented ingredient for its use in cosmetics for whitening effects. Then there are the common whitening agents such as niacinamide. This product is jam packed with many, many ingredients that are good for whitening, and is not for the faint heart — or skin!

Please take caution trying this product, and I do not recommend this product for people with sensitive skin, as whitening ingredients can be drying and abrasive.


I’ve mentioned once before in my post on Korean body care products, whitening isn’t really about bleaching your skin to look like snow white. I understand that the trend in the US is historically focused on tanning and whitening products in cosmetics are actively avoided, but hear me out! I’ve used about 6 bottles of this product, and I can attest to you, that my skin tone is not all that much whiter than where I’ve started off.

However, I can testify on behalf of myself and my mother who has also been using this product after my insistent urging.

This product definitely helps with sun spots, liver spots, any skin tone imperfections you might have.

The sun spots and darkening I’ve had from acne scars have elevated. I no longer suffer from any acne scars, and the sun spots aren’t really visible anymore unless you look very closely. My mother who had a ton of dark spots due to the result of her age, and the bright lights from her workplace, has also seen dramatic results from this product. My mother, the lady who only used high-end western cosmetics, and would visit skincare parlors on a weekly basis has seen better effects on her skin with this product than any skin regimen to date.

Who would have known, the “lowly” roadshop product (this is the common opinion of most people in Korea, especially Missha because of its debut release of cheap and ill-marketed products. Roadshops’ product images are comparable to the cosmetics images you would have from Walmart brands — think Garnier, Cover Girl, Olay, etc) would have made such a big difference to her skin — in a positive way? This is the product that has converted my skeptical mother into a complete Missha fan. How could you not, when everyone starts telling you that your skin looks better, and asks you what you’ve been doing for your skin recently?

I’ve been using this product everyday, religiously for years. This product is my holy grail, one I hope they will never discontinue. With near 4 years of use of this product, I feel confident enough about my skintone these days to stray away to other moisturizers. However, I’ll always come back to this product if I’m experiencing any problems. This serum has made me realize the importance of even-skintone, and how much the small difference can change the overall appearance of your skin. Everyone that is unhappy with their skintone from various imperfections should try it.



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