Kosmetics I’m lusting over (Skincare Edition – Sep 2016)

Obviously I’m currently in possession of way too many products for my own good right now.

However, that doesn’t stop a girl from dreaming!

These are some products that I’m currently keeping an eye on, and looking forward to using (hopefully) in the near future.





af005431_01_1THE FACE SHOP’s The Therapy Product Line

The Face Shop is a “road shop” brand which is now another LG brand through acquisition which makes them quite reputable within Korea. They advertise their newest line “The Therapy” to contain a blending formula with a history of over 200 years, namely “Marke Handmade Blending Formula”.


What was most curious about this item was their “Oil Blending Cream” which supposedly comes separated, as gel-cream and oil. The consumers themselves have to stir the product to achieve a creamier texture! What fun! The following is what the example picture from the main website.


One of my friends that I trust the most when it comes to K Cosmetics and info absolutely adores this product line, so I have high hopes for it.

THE FACE SHOP’s Yeowhadam White Ginsang Collegen Pearl Rounds


With the tagline of “Pearls for your face”, The Face Shop’s pearl rounds (and other round creams) have been receiving a lot of attention from my high end cosmetics forum community in Korea. The pearl shaped moisturizer can be used by crushing individual pearls on your hands. It’s also nice to mix in with foundation that you’re using for the day for extra hydration and glimmer. Below is a picture of how the pearls are used.


The pearl types not as moisturizing compared to the Regenerating rounds (these pearls are gold-toned), so it might not be enough if your skin is on the drier side.


Primera Super Sprout Serum


Primera is a brand from AmorePacific that tries to keep their ingredients natural and organic. Many of Primera’s products are certified Organic by EcoCert. This Super Sprout serum is one of Primera’s bestseller items that has been flooding with praise within beauty forums in Korea. Fortified with black rice, black beans, and black sesame seeds, this is an anti aging serum that is gentle and safe, even for pregnant women to use. This product is vegan. It does not contain any man made fragrances, colouring additives, or mineral oils.


Hanyul Mugwort Calming Mist

Hanyul is another brand from AmorePacific that specializes skincare products with Korean ingredients. Mugwort is an extremely popular herb used in Korea, although I assume it’s difficult to find outside of Korea making it rather exotic. I love, love, love the smell of mugwort so I’m looking forward to this mist. I’m looking forward to using this after a day out in the hot sun, whenever I feel dry during an outing, and also right after washing my face! Also extremely popular in my high end cosmetics forum in Korea, this will provide me a nice calming scent — one that is reminiscent of the homeland!

This calming mist is designed with sensitive skin in mind. Its production process involved a group of loyal consumers, and it has passed a hypoallergenic test (I’m not sure what type of hypoallergenic test this was). This product is made without parabens, mineral oils, animal oils, colourants, and Imidazolidinyl Ureas.


SU:M 37 Secret Essence


The one essence that converts many people into LG cosmetics manias. I’ve been very curious about this product for a while, however due to its price and the mere fact that I have too many products hoarded in storage, I couldn’t get myself to purchase this product yet. According to girls in my high end cosmetics forum in Korea many swear by this essence, and deem this their holy grail of booster essences.

What makes this essence difference from others (at least, according to LG) is their fermentation process and their patented ingredient which is Ferulic Acid that activates what they call “Cytosys”. Their fermentation process involves 4 things — clean water, the strength and energy deriving from soil, temperature that is similar to human body temperature, and clean air. All of this is added with lights and sounds that compliment natural cycles to help with the fermentation process.


SU:M 37 White Award Luminous Mask


Probably one of the most popular face masks from all of LG’s high end product lines, and one of the most mentioned face masks from high and low of cosmetics forums in Korea. This whitening face mask is supposed to be the creme de la creme of whitening face masks. Split into two parts, one for forehead and eyes, the other half for the bottom half of your face, the face mask is made with 100% cotton. However, it has a whopping price tag of $10+ per sheet. Hopefully I’ll be able to try it someday!

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