Korean Face Mask Comparison Megapost

May 2nd, 2018

Korean Face Mask Comparison Megapost!!! Here is the megalist of all the face masks (AKA sheet masks in Korea) that I’ve been using the past year-ish. I apologize that the identification categories aren’t universally standardized — I kept adding things on as I went along! Quick tip on using face masks: Those who put them on almost every day, limit your mask use to clear and light essence types. Although there is a very prevalent trend of 1 mask per day, I highly advise against putting face masks on every single day. I’ve done it,...

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End of July K-beauty haul!

August 1st, 2017

End of July K-beauty haul: What did K-beauty fiend Morrigan buy this month?       Hello everyone! I just wanted to briefly share my most recent beauty haul with you guys today. I’ve collected so many samples throughout these hauls, I really need to sell them at some point or do giveaways on my blog! Hopefully I’ll receive a lot of participants when I decide to do a giveaway. Moving on, here are some “hot-off-the-shutter” photos of my haul I’ve just received today.   A picture of all the new Cushion compa...

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IMG_4852 copy

July 2017 Newest Empties and Replacements

July 4th, 2017

  Hello fellow K-beauty fanatics! Happy Fourth of July!   I’ve been keeping a small tub of hand cream (pictured center) for a while. I used to be the type of person that didn’t really understand hand cream, but I can’t live without them anymore! After my “hand cream addiction” started, the dryness of my hands after washing them felt so much more noticeable. Now, it’s a must do ritual after every wash session. Although sometimes my purses are too small to carry one around. I’m sure there are a few that c...

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Hotel Minis at Walt Disney World Resorts

June 21st, 2017

  Just for the curious, WDW resorts provide their guests with H2O+ products to use during their stay. This includes facial soap, body lotion, and products that are not pictured — liquid body wash, shampoo and conditioner. I didn’t find the products particularly hydrating or luscious, in case anyone was wondering. The products are on the lighter side. They do have a nice aquatic, gender neutral ocean-y scent. They sell more H2O+ products at the resort gift shop as well, if you wanted to buy some for home.   Here’s a link that g...

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Missha has been sold

April 29th, 2017

  Missha’s owner company Able C&C has been sold to an investment company. The founding owner Suh Yeong Pil sold most of his remaining shares, changing ownership to Venus One. Although I’ve been critical of Missha and Able C&C’s business approach in many ways, in truth I’ve always had a soft spot for Missha. The release of their 3300 won cosmetic products have revolutionized K-Beauty and the Asian beauty market. Missha has been a long time pioneer in the market, from affordable cosmetics to luxury-brand dupes. They wer...

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Products I was using at Disney World

April 21st, 2017

  I was on a vacation to Walt Disney World & Universal Studios recently, as some of you might know from my twitter! To my surprise, I ended up with a Disney craze, so the hubby and I have been visiting Disney a lot recently. Our annual pass is on blackout dates currently, and I’m having Disney withdrawals! It’s always nice traveling with miniatures, and I’ve been saving up a few Disney themed products to use while I’m there. Here are a couple photos of products the hubby and I were using while in Orlando!   Isa Knox...

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Replica Green Tea Escape Review

February 16th, 2017

    The hubby bought me this lovely scent on my birthday last year. We were browsing through the mall, drifting from department store to department store. Describing myself as a thorough shopper would be putting it lightly. I’ve probably sniffed all the wonderful smells offered in Nordstrom. Then some more at Sephora. Then even more at Neiman Marcus. It was a wonderful outing, at least by my standards. The poor hubby was such a trooper humoring all my shopping whimsies. Out of all the fragrances that we’ve smelled that day, in wha...

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K-Beauty Skincare Trend: #1day1pack #1일1팩

February 15th, 2017

    Missha’s “Herb In Nude Sheet Mask” that I’ve been enjoying of late. It’s super-thin allowing a flawless fit without any air pockets. Currently wearing the lemongrass one as I’m writing this!     Before anything, I’ll post this first, since I don’t actually recommend following 1day 1pack everyday as the trend suggests. TLDR: Applying sheet masks once every other day is sufficient enough, and make sure give your skin break terms in between — especially if you’ve been apply...

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Kbeauty at Nordstrom?!

February 14th, 2017

    I knew that the Kbeauty trend was catching on, but to me, this confirms it: It’s now officially mainstream. Nordstrom, a major department store in the US is having a month long event on promoting Kbeauty products. Amidst the candy coloured, Californian dreamlike photos, it was exciting to see Kbeauty gain such rapid popularity. Also in passing, I was experiencing some sweet-melancholy. As if a local restaurant, my well kept secret, has gone viral. Great things never stay a secret for long, and Kbeauty regimens definitely teaches a lo...

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Best Toners for 7 Skin Method

January 31st, 2017

    Hey everybody, Morrigan here! Happy 2017, everyone that reads my blog!   Today I wanted to share some recommendations on toners to use for Korea’s hottest beauty trend — the “7-Skin Method”. As previously mentioned, the 7 Skin Bup (7 Toner Method in Korean) comprises of patting on layers and layers of toner onto your skin in a single sitting. Although the number of toner application is set to 7, please bear in mind that it’s not obligatory to absorb toner exactly seven times in order for you to benefit fro...

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